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"KPOHub equips its clients as per the predicted USCIS changes by providing beneficial Advisory Services. We provide flexible workforce solutions for an even functioning of all your immigration matters. Overall Immigration services are integral part of our work approach.”

Our State-of-Art Technology will help us remind on each and every file and on each and every point that is mandatory for filing a H1B. There are a lot of steps involved when it comes to H1B Employee once the case is approved, this is just the beginning and it goes all the way until the GC is approved. There are chances that you might be asked for any of the above files for whatever dates for any kind of queries that we are not ready for?

Why Take Chances?
As we say you take care of your business and we will ensure the above process are in place.
Imagine the comfort of your employees when they find out all these processes are managed and maintained on a regular basis Imagine the kind of referrals your business will get?

Imagine the kind of peace you can live with and focus on the growth of your business

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